Monday, March 21, 2005

Another overcast day

Oak trees mirrored on the hood of my vehicle- Posted by Hello
I thought to escape the house for a while, before the next rain storm arrives.
My poor azaleas were damaged by the recent hail, therefore not worth the bother of attempting a shot.
The skies are a dingy grey.
Passing my vehicle, I caught my own reflection- here was a possibility! At that point I noticed my ensemble; cobalt blue thermal pajamas and a maroon vest stuffed with down. I'd hastily thrown on a pair of sandals, as I hadn't been planning to be walking far, thereby making even my reflected image a definite no-no. I looked like a character actor from the movie "Deliverance." I'd be appearing along with the guys who wanted the Ned Beatty character to "squeal like a pig, boy!" Burt Reynolds would have been within his rights to shoot me with his bow and arrow too.
The photo I finally took is all you 'git' for today.


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