Saturday, March 05, 2005

Spring Is Near

Azalea beginning to bloom  Posted by Hello
Today was the first time I've been able to walk the property in several months, and the very first time I felt comfortable in doing so alone since the 4th of July last year. That was the day I was relaxing in front of the TV, when my husband (who was sitting at the dining room table)said "Hon..." in a hushed voice. I turned my head, knowing by his tone that something unusual was happening. Not twenty feet from the dining room window, just the other side of the maple tree (see the earlier posted photo) was a large mountain lion! The lion paused and looked in at my husband, then ambled up the gravel driveway towards the nearest neighbors. I opted to call the neighbors to warn them, rather than grab the camera, as they have small children who were likely to be outside playing on the holiday. Since the sighting I've read everything possible about the animals, and feel I know what to do if confronted; however it is a scary probability.


Blogger dredom man said...

Well, I do look forward to the azalea in full bloom!

The blog is all about communication, so once the posting deed is done, how do others find it? How did you find my plum blossoms? andreu @

7:34 PM  
Blogger Redwood Recluse said...

What did you find out about what to do about mountain lion? We have them too, but they haven't been close to my house for about 4 years.I'm not terribly afraid of the animals. I know they really don't want anything to do with humans, but I do tend to stay close to my home when my husbands gone. I thought about getting mace to carry when I walk or a holster to put my gun in.

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