Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Intangible Haunting

In the "spooky room" November 2004- Posted by Hello
When we purchased this house, we were delighted to find the former owners had taken the two-car garage and turned it into another bedroom.
The garage doors had been removed and replaced with a heavy-duty door. Two windows and a slider leading out to the deck were added. Another closet was installed, and a dark green carpet and two ceiling fans pretty much finished the room off.
Upon moving in, we called the realtor to find out whether the former owner had meant to leave behind the extremely heavy, quarter circle base upon which you'd set a woodstove; which was leaning against the wall in that room.
The realtor later got back to us with the news that we could have it. We asked why it was in that room, and were told the room had been in the process of remodeling as the former owner's mother had been ill and moved into the home. They'd intended to put in a woodstove, but the mother had died before it was installed. Of course I asked whether the death had occured in the house, but the realtor claimed not to know.
We rarely have need to go down there. I have a couple of pieces of furniture stored in the room, and we recently bought a guest bed. The grandson's toys are usually strewn about, and even some of my less favorite artwork is displayed, so it's not as if the room were empty... but it always feels empty.
There are no cold spots, no noises at all, in fact the room seems a little too quiet.
I don't feel bad vibes, but I do feel a sort of quiet disapproval when I am there.
Most of our guests deposit their belongings in that room, only to come back upstairs later asking whether they might borrow a sleeping bag and sleep up here with us, on the floor in the living room or even the office.
The few people who actually sleep downstairs have usually enjoyed mass quantities of liquid joy before retiring, and would have fallen asleep anywhere.
The one constant is that everyone who goes downstairs, even for just a moment, props that door open and leaves it open.
We thought about installing a small bathroom, and maybe a mini-fridge, to make guests more comfortable; but I'm thinking it would be a huge waste of money.
We occasionally still get mail for this lady who I believe resides in our guest room, and so I do know her name... it was Sandy Claus! I swear!!!


Blogger Squirl said...

Sandy Claus! No wonder she's still pissed off. She doesn't seem dangerous, but, still, nobody wants to hang around when it feels that way.

4:09 PM  
Anonymous JSM (Goody) said...

Sandy Claus is almost as bad as "Moe Hare."

We lived for a time in a three story house where each floor was an apartment. I had some very odd clock phenomena (clocks running without bateries, broken antique clock suddenly starts running after years of not working(and is set to the correct time)etc. One day it casually came out in conversation with the other residents that they too were having clock hauntings and no matter how often they re-set them, clocks would never run accurately in that house.

I should visit your blog more often-its the "number one resource on the web for assless chaps photographs" (ok, maybe not, but it *should be*).

6:44 PM  
Blogger SierraBella said...

When we started getting mail in that name, we thought someone was playing a prank.
Then I did a title search, and yep, there was that name listed as co-owner to the house after her daughter's divorce.

jsm (goody)-
That's pretty scary stuff!
Only clocks? Makes you wonder!
I'm 'gonna' have to check Google for my position in the assless chaps catagory. I'm sure Bucky Four-Eyes will be at the top of that list!

8:14 AM  
Blogger dredom man said...

have you asked her if she's waiting for the stove... or something else perhaps?

12:15 PM  
Blogger SierraBella said...

dredom man-
I prefer not to stir up ghosts! Which is odd considering I have two ouija boards.

12:34 PM  

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