Thursday, April 07, 2005

Deck Gardening

Corner of the deck, Iris in the foreground Posted by Hello
This is now my third attempt at adding text to this posting! It could be me...
When we first looked at this house, the listing advertised "extensive decking." Since the home is built atop a hillside, we could understand the need, but my God!
Now that we've lived here full-time for almost three years we've found this to be the only place on the property which is safe from the deer.
Experimenting with supposedly deer resistant plants has taught me that yes, deer do eat lantana and agapanthus. They've avoided the oleander, foxglove, rosemary and iris.
We'd intended to keep the property in it's natural state of wildflower fields (in the spring) bordered by cedar and pine, but had hoped to add a little color around the edges of the house.
At last count, I had 86 potted plants on the deck. There's room for more.
I'm just not looking forward to our next project- refinishing this deck. The big question is "where am I going to put all these plants while we're doing the work?"
Should I bring them all inside? That would really thrill my husband. He's already not thrilled with the 19 plants I have throughout the house...


Blogger cheesecakey said...

Your deck looks beautiful....I love iris's. Wow... I think I would plant a little corner of something just so I could see the deer come by... or can you see them anyway?

I am very excited about the garden.... I am going to plant some tomatos and herbs (lavender, sage, cilantro, basil etc.) as well as some annuals this year, but next spring I will be going all out. I eventually want to plant green onions, chilis, radish, lettuce, peas and whatever else I can think of - I have waited 10 years to have one, so I hope it is extremely bountiful!

7:06 PM  
Blogger SierraBella said...

I attempted to add text to this post yesterday, to no avail...
The deer are here all the time! We've even seen them sleep on our plateau. The dogs have been trained to let them be.
I just saw some container tomatoes in the Burpee catalog which should be perfect for some marinara sauce... along with my rosemary which the deer have so far avoided.
Good luck with your garden!

11:10 AM  

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