Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Visitor

The neighbor's peacock

When the temperatures rise above 100, like the 108 degrees we're seeing today, I dream of moving.

As of late I've been looking at real estate online, one of my favorite hobbies.

On various sites I choose my current idea of what I expect in a dreamhouse.

I need: 1 acre or more, a minimum of 2 bedrooms and 1 and a half baths, a fireplace or woodstove, and a view. The kitchen must be good sized, and the master bath must be large as well... with a jacuzzi (or room for one.)

Wishing to remain in Northern California, I could go back to the coast, but I refuse to move away from some winter snow and back into nightmare traffic. Therefore, I'm looking at small towns in the higher elevations.

Prices are steep, not a surprise at all. My concern at this point is choosing an appropriate location. I don't need to be close to shopping, churches, schools, or the opera. I would like to be situated nearer to a few decent restaurants than I currently am.

I stumbled upon this recently, and it's been a blessing! I cruised their forums, and found many others are doing exactly what I am doing... looking for a better place in which to relocate.

Some of the posters seemed to be way too involved in mentioning the price they'd paid on their McMansions, but most people were trying to be helpful. Population, weather, cost (of course) and traffic was discussed, not to mention local schools and job opportunities.

After several days hours of reading I learned something...

Everybody is looking to find their idea of paradise, but once they move there they find everyone else is right behind them... and they don't like it! All of a sudden they're knee deep in traffic, can no longer find easy parking, and start complaining about all the new people moving in.

I realized that I already have my own paradise! Most properties up here are a minimum of 5 acres, so it can't become crowded. People are very friendly. Although I've only lived here 4 years, it takes me over an hour to get out of the local market because you just run into people and get to talking!

I'll have to try and ignore the heat of summer. If that's all I can complain about... well so be it.

After all, how many people experience the joy of a neighboring peacock who strolls over for a visit?