Thursday, December 07, 2006

Name My Road!

yeah, another view picture...

So, this morning my barking dogs alerted me to visitors. They were County Officials!
I think I scared them, walking out of the house dressed like a vagabond, with my hair tied up in an old lady knot atop my head. Hey, I'm painting, okay?
It appears there was trouble when I called 9-1-1 the day my husband needed medical help... most of the emergency units had trouble finding the house!
To make a long story short, my four other neighbors and I need to name our road.
Sounds easy, right?
Now my first thought is to name it after a local tree. Wrong! We have oaks, pines, cedar and manzanita mostly, and this fact is reflected in many of our local street names.
We all have views. Well, we have "Hillview," "Mountain View," and many other Views already taken as well.
Now if we want to be humerous, there's already an "Oleo Acres," (one of the cheaper spreads- get it?) and even a "Dog Bite Road!"
Any suggestions out there?
I wonder if Sierra Vistas is taken? A little self promotion isn't a bad thing, right?

In other news, Mr. SB's birthday would have been yesterday. I held up just fine. I think the fact that he hated his birthday helped me along. Mr. SB also hated the computer, and wouldn't you know it... both my phone line, and my computer went through some major problems yesterday! Guess I'll have to take it up with him at a later date.