Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hell Yeah I Did!

Christmas stuff
Since it's been too hot to do much of anything these past few weeks, I decided to do some online shopping.
I found an early Christmas sale at Current Catalog, and boy did I take advantage!
The order arrived and I picked it up yesterday, realizing there are only five months left until the holiday...
I'm now stocked up on wrapping, cards and a few extras.
It's kind of strange having Christmas items sitting here when the temperature is right now reading 114 degrees. Oh well...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Been Doing Some Online Gardening

colorized Nemesia fruticans

Actually, I've been doing lots of watering, in order to keep my plants alive!

I recently discovered a program in my computer which allows one to create a gardener's binder of sorts. It looked pretty good until I realized there wasn't a spot on each sheet to import a photograph... It was suggested one would affix a photo or seed packet onto each page. How low-tech is that?

After a few days Suddenly, I realized there was a much easier way to accomplish this task... blog it! Heck, I can begin with photographs, since I'm all about the picturess, add the plant's common names, scientific names, and any other information I care to scribe.


I haven't opened comments, though. I have enough trouble keeping up with comments on this blog, let alone another. I intend to keep it a place where one can stroll through, look at the pictures, and not feel indebted to comment.

I'm beginning to link some of my favorite gardening blogs, beginning with
Sylvana's gardening site.
This is my very favorite gardening blog, which sometimes includes amazing recipes as well.

If you'd care to peek in at my new site, go here.