Friday, April 28, 2006

Wildflowers and Weeds

The lovely Kat gently reminded me that it is now springtime, yet my most recently posted photos are snow pictures!
Indeed I've been remiss!

I begin my spring cleaning in February when I start sorting out my tax paperwork; using the opportunity to clean all my files, both paper and data.
Closets and drawers are next. Who knew I had so many clothes to give away, and throw away?
Note to me: Go shopping soon!
Next on the agenda is the annual weed-a-thon which occurs during the week-long springtime weather we receive. This week our temperatures are in the 80s, next week we'll likely be sweating perspiring through the 90s.
I'd rather weed-whack than clean house anyway.
So I began yesterday.
I slathered on tanning cream, donned a tank top and shorts (as well as safety glasses) and headed out.
Not twenty minutes into this project, my weed-whacker hit something only slightly less lethal than a rattlesnake or bee hive...
I hit fresh dog poop.
So as not to gross anyone out (too much), let's just say it involved face, neck and hair. Thank goodness for those safety glasses!
Before I got to the shower, who do I see but Mr. SB, coming from his assigned corner of the property, where he's been working.
He tells me "this is the first and only time I'm going to say this, but you're full of shit."
No duh...
I'm now beginning to contemplate labeling the growth on the property as wildflowers.
One doesn't need to whack down wildflowers, do they?