Sunday, June 29, 2008

Recent Conversations Overheard At My House...

idea stolen from Sylvana

So, I'm working out on the property and feel the need to call my daughter.
"Hey Smurfette, its mom... did you see that baby deer leg about 50' from your door?"
"Mom, that's not a deer leg, its a goat leg!"
{silence}... "Oh, okay..."

The grandson loves to pop out of nowhere and try to scare me.
"Jesus PJ, don't do that! You'll give grandma a heart attack! What would you do then?"
"I'd get a hammer!"
"Why would you get a hammer?"
"To make sure you're dead!"

PJ is aware his PapaDon was cremated, knows that is my wish too, and claims he wants the same.
"Grandma, you know how I want to be cremated too?"
"Well I have a question... what kind of cream do they use?"
"Oh honey, they don't use cream. They put you in a box and shove you in an oven."
{unbelieving stare and silence ensues.}
"Its okay honey, they make sure you're dead first."
"Do they use a hammer?"