Sunday, August 13, 2006

No lyin', we saw another mountain lion!

He followed the deer trail.

Early last evening, Mr. SB once again called me to the window. It wasn't the fox we've been seeing lately, nor the coyote family. It also wasn't the huge buck we saw earlier in the day.
It was another mountain lion.
He was crouched down low, and following the old deer trail which passes through a tunnel created within some manzanita trees.
No, I didn't get the camera in time, damn it doggone it!
After calling the neighbors, I sat out on the deck waiting to see if it would return. This is where I took the above picture.
Night fell and I didn't see him again, although I did see two figures come crashing through the brush. The first was a deer, and I can't be sure what the second animal was. I could take a guess...
The scary part of this tale is that about two hours earlier, I'd been walking the property (alone,) carrying weed spray, looking for any new weeds which might have popped up. I'd even been within the manzanita tunnel spraying some poison oak!!!
Now I'm beginning to wonder if the lion was following deer scent or my scent...